Humans have been using tools for as long as we’ve been humans. Every marketer has their own unique toolset that only becomes larger with time. How does this happen?

Naturally, you were introduced to some of the best digital marketing tools in your toolset by your colleagues at the beginning of your career.

Then you probably upgraded your virtual toolkit with instruments you stumbled upon online. For example, in articles like this one.

38 Digital Marketing Tools to Become a…


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38 Extremely Effective Digital Marketing Tools

38 Extremely Effective Digital Marketing Tools

Humans have been using tools for as long as we’ve been humans. Every marketer has their own unique toolset that only becomes larger with time. How does this happen?

Naturally, you were introduced to some of the best digital marketing tools in your toolset by your colleagues at the beginning of your career.

Then you probably upgraded your virtual toolkit with instruments you stumbled upon online. For example, in articles like this one.

38 Digital Marketing Tools to Become a Die-hard Marketer

The world of digital marketing tools is multifarious. With this thought in mind, we did our best to make a list of tools you may not be familiar with instead of listing tools that have already made lots of noise, such as Google Analytics and Trello.

In one of our previous blog posts, we did the same by highlighting fifteen Facebook digital marketing tools you might not have heard of. Don’t hesitate to check them out. You’ll definitely find something you’ve missed even if you’ve already launched zillions of ad campaigns.

In this blog post, we’re going to show you tools for:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Planning
  • Tracking
  • Ad analysis
  • Search engine optimization
  • Design 
  • Copywriting

Ready to make your marketing more effective? Those of you who have enough patience to read till the end will even get a gift that will double that effectiveness. Let’s go!

Artificial Intelligence Tools

In 2019, the global AI and machine learning market reached almost $6.8 billion worldwide and more than $6.6 billion in the United States according to Forbes.

Over the next five years, businesses plan to use artificial intelligence to:

  • get market and customer insights that will improve sales, customer retention, and personalization
  • automate repetitive tasks
  • increase the efficiency and compliance of financial and accounting services
  • analyze unorganized text and voice information

The coolest part is that AI offers many more possibilities for businesses than what’s described in the Forbes article linked to above. Here are some of the best AI tools for digital marketing that your company can take advantage of:


Softcube uses artificial intelligence to make high-quality video ads in several clicks for an image-sized budget.

ML Kit

Powered by Google, ML Kit is one of the best machine learning platforms for mobile developers. is one of the top AI tools for extracting data from any website.


Yseop is an artificial intelligence tool that automates the creation of websites, emails, reports, and more.

Planning Tools

In a survey conducted by CoSchedule, over 3,200 marketers from more than 100 countries were asked a question:

Is your marketing team proactively organized (planning tasks, campaigns, and projects ahead of time with clear processes built around organizational tools)?

Here are the answers:

  • Very organized — 14%
  • Somewhat organized — 51%
  • Unsure — 10%
  • Somewhat disorganized — 18%
  • Very disorganized — 7% 

What kind of marketer are you? We hope these digital marketing strategy planning tools will make you a better specialist.

Google Market Finder

Want to find more audiences to boost your conversions? Google Market Finder is a free instrument that will help you find the best markets for your business, adjust your marketing to local markets, and provide recommendations for creating a successful advertising strategy.

Google Trends

Want to know more about the hottest online trends? Use Google Trends to see the most popular search queries around the world and in any particular country at this very moment, check trending topics, and read the latest stories and insights.

Shopping Insights

Have an e-commerce business but lack a deep understanding of your customers’ needs? Google Shopping Insights is an amazing tool that will show you the favorite brands and products among your customers, match your products with those of your competitors, and provide you with a lot of other crucial data.


Looking for an intuitive instrument to visualize your marketing plan? Lucidchart allows you to understand your goals better and achieve them faster by efficiently organizing your tactics.


Need to transform marketing chaos into business order? ProofHub is a platform with tools that allow you to come up with the plan of your dreams, easily cooperate with your teammates, organize your everyday workflow, get notifications about important events, and do much more. is a planning system that adjusts to the needs of your business, automates routine work, and prioritizes the most important tasks.

Tracking Tools

Digital marketing tracking tools play a major role in any business. And you know what?

Digital marketing tools — challenges

According to research published by Statista, nearly 41% of businesses face difficulties tracking marketing effectiveness and media spend.

We assume that if you launch ads, you do it on two major platforms: Facebook and Google. And there are tools that can help you track your ads on those platforms.

Google Attribution

Based on machine learning, Google Attribution is one of the best tracking tools that allows you to use different attribution models in order to get a step-by-step understanding of how your customers complete their conversions after they click on your Google ads.

Facebook Attribution

Facebook Attribution will help you track all touchpoints of those who see your ads across the Facebook family of apps and services and then complete conversions.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a notification tool that allows you to receive emails when Google comes across a word or phrase. For example, you can go to Google Alerts, type in your company name, and stay informed about what users say about your business.

Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel allows you to see the full picture of your Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network ad campaigns. Additionally, this tracking tool allows you to create Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, and Dynamic Ads.

Analytics Tools

Interestingly, HubSpot reports that one of the newest trends in marketing analytics in 2020 will be predictive analytics based on machine learning. 

Meanwhile, we recommend you take a look at these digital marketing analytics tools that may be useful in achieving your goals.

Test My Site by Google

In the mobile world, speed means everything. Type in your website domain to see a detailed report, draw conclusions, and follow recommendations to increase the loading speed of your website.

Grow My Store by Google

Grow My Store generates a fully fledged report with personalized recommendations for improving the customer experience on your online store.

Find My Audience by Google

Find My Audience lets you search for new customers that fit your present marketing objectives, receive data about your customers’ interests, habits, and purchasing plans, and grow your YouTube community without paid promotions.

Test and Learn by Facebook

Test and Learn is one of the best digital marketing reporting tools to experiment with different versions of ads launched on Facebook and its platforms.

Advance Your Measurement

Created as a partnership between Google and Bain & Company, this tool allows you to analyze your business activities and boost your marketing not only on Google but across the entire digital space. All you need to do is answer a few questions and you’ll receive a detailed action plan.

SEO Tools

Did you know that the first five SERP positions account for 67% of all clicks? Here are the top SEO tools for digital marketers to help get your content on the first page of results:

Google Predictive Search

Predictive Search allows you to see how people google your brand or the brands of your competitors. To do this, you should google as well. 

Open an incognito window in your web browser and experiment with search queries. Google recommends you follow the brand name you’re analyzing with different words or go through the alphabet.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a command point where you can manage content indexing, analyze in-depth reports on search traffic data, get spam, indexing, and other notifications, see the websites connected to yours, optimize AMP and mobile usability, and much more.


SimilarWeb allows you to track the best keywords to realize your content ideas, conduct competitor research, find the hottest topics based on keywords, and find the most popular pages of industry leaders.


You can use this platform’s amazing tools to get a sneak peek at keywords used by your competitors, search for new organic keywords, view the positions of your queries on SERPs, and much more.

Free SEO Tools by MOZ

MOZ offers its own keyword database, link building and analysis tools, a Google Chrome bar that contains page, search, and social metrics, a domain analysis instrument, and a location audit tool.

Alexa Toolbar

You can install the Alexa toolbar to get an alternative view of your traffic rank. This browser extension allows you to see how popular your website and your competitors’ websites are, find websites that have the same audience as your business, see how a website looked in the past, and discover search inquiries that can increase traffic to your site.

Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool

See what your SERP snippet looks like before publishing. 

Keyword Planner

Your SEO tool arsenal should definitely include this powerful tool by Google.

Design Tools

Sooner or later, every marketer must awaken their inner designer when the design team is busy. Here are some digital marketing design tools for dealing with routine design tasks.

Muzli Inspiration

Muzli 2 is a simple and beautiful Chrome extension that will help you find the latest and most vivid visual content for inspiration.


Unsplash is the number one free stock photography website in the world.


Undraw is a spectacular open-source design center that offers free illustrations for any concept.


WhatTheFont! is a great instant font identifier that can help you find the font you need from the world’s largest font collection.


ProtoPie is an intuitive UI/UX design prototyping tool that allows any designer to create the best product prototype for desktop, mobile, web, and IoT.


Dribbble is the go-to platform where designers and creative people connect by sharing content and experiences.


In a time when visual content has conquered every platform, text is in the shadows but still makes a difference. If you create ads, you need to know how to write good copy.

Here are some copywriting tools required for digital marketing success:

Google Docs

Google Docs is the best platform to keep your content safe.


Grammarly is the best online proofreading tool for marketers of all sorts.


Ludwig is the best linguistic search engine that makes it easier to write good copy.

Power Thesaurus is the best synonym finder to enrich your ad vocabulary.


RhymeZone is the best online finder of rhymes, near rhymes, synonyms, descriptive words, phrases, example sentences, antonyms, definitions, poems, lyrics, related words, homonyms, homophones, etc. You can even search for words in Shakespeare!

Enjoy Video Ads Made by Softcube Artificial Intelligence

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Thank you for scrolling through our list of top digital marketing tools. Good luck with building your toolset!

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